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Feature - Support AP Partial Payment for Negative Voucher (Vendor Credit Memo)

Release Date: 02/22/2021
Version: 8.5 & Up

In AP -> Processing -> Payment Preparation -> Invoice Invoices for Payment, the system has safety logic to prevent partial payment amounts greater than invoice balance amounts. For example, if the invoice balance is $100, and if the user wants to pay $150, the system will give the user this message:

 "Amount Is Greater Than Invoice Balance" 

However, this logic applies to credit memo as well, which can cause problems. For example, if the invoice amount is -$1,000 (vendor credit memo,) and the user wants to apply -$500 in this check run, since -$500 > - $1,000, the system prompts the same message.  See sample screen below:

We have now changed this checking by considering the sign, and this problem is resolved.

This change can be important for prepaid amounts (which can be implemented as vendor credit memos) that need to be applied to a  check run for the vendor multiple times.

Modified Programs: AP0803, AP0803.PL

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