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Feature - BOMP Material WO Negative Qty Per Components

Release date: 3/31/2021

Version 8.5 & Up

In BOMP Material Work Order, if there is a negative qty per component, it is treated as a byproduct which will increase the Qty OH after the production of the parent item is complete.  But before production is complete, there may be confusion when comparing Qty Allocated and ATP.  For negative qty per components,  Qty Allocated is decreased while a positive ATP  record is created.

For an example of how the programs previously handled negative qty per components, here is the Stock Status Inquiry screen for an item with Qty On Ord = 3 and Excess-Qty = 141.

If a Material WO with a qty of 4 is created, note that Qty Allocated is decreased by 4 and Excess-Qty is increased by 4, which is misleading because there are not really 4 more available.  An ATP record for a qty of +4 is also created, which is correct.

It is now changed so Qty on Order will be increased by 4 and Excess-Qty remains the same.  The ATP record for +4 is still created.  Thus the ATP will match the increase in Qty on Order. 

When the Material WO has been completed and posted, note that Qty on Hand increases by 4 and Qty On Order decreases by 4.  The ATP record for this WO is removed.

Please note that Legacy and Plus WO behavior is different.  While the program will update Qty OH for negative qty per components after production is complete, Qty Allocated, On order and ATP are not affected.

If this change is relevant (you have negative qty per components) to your company, we suggest you run the reset allocation and reset on order at least one time.

Modified programs:  IM2501, IM2502, SYINVAL2


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