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Shipped Data Export Integrity Check

Release Date: 04/14/2021
Version: 8.5 & Up

COP, Utilities, Sales Order Export, Export, and Shipped Order Data Export are used to create an Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) to send to EDI trading partners.  In cases where the box data is required, we discovered an inconsistency in the data that would not only send the wrong data, but could create an ASN in the wrong format.  The process to create the ship data is through Shipment Verification, which allows you to specify what items are packed in what box.  Once the ship data is created, the order should not be changed without removing or editing the ship data.  There are many safeguards in place to prevent this from happening, but these can be turned off or overridden.

The most common mistake is when the Quantity To Ship is reduced or a line item is deleted through Order Entry.  An item may have an initial quantity shipped of 4 with 4 confirmed through Shipment Verification.  Reducing the Quantity To Ship in the CP Order Line Item file (CPORDLIN) to 3 through Order Entry now makes it inconsistent with the Quantity Confirmed in the CP Box Ship file (CPBOXSHP).  If there is only one each per box, then there is a problem of figuring out which box should be excluded.  A bigger problem is the ship data will still contain 4 box records.  Even though the quantity shipped of 3 will be transmitted correctly, it will export the 4th box without a line item -- an empty box.

A quantity integrity check was added to the Shipped Data Export to compare the Quantity Confirmed with the Quantity To Ship.  This can be activated through a flag added to the sixth field on screen 1 of the Customer EDI Profile, ASN Required.  There are four flags associated with this field, ASN Required, ASN Required Before The 810 Invoice, Verification Data Required, and the new flag Quantity Integrity Check.

Activating this flag will cause Shipped Data Export to compare the total quantity to ship of each item with the quantity confirmed.  An inconsistency between the quantities will produce an error and prevent the data from being exported.

Modified Programs: CPSHPEDP

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