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Feature - Allow to Change Transfer Batch Info from Start Material Work Order Screen

Release: 04/23/2021
Version: 8.5

In BOMP -> Processing -> Production Transaction Processing -> Material Work Order -> Start function, the user is now able to change the work order "Planned Start Date."  In addition, if the work order is printed and the inventory transfer batch is created (this feature is only applicable to multi-bin and WMS users,) then the user is also able to change the transfer batch for the following information:
  • Trx Date: Default to Enter Date when first created from COP, PO and BOMP.
  • Est Comp: Estimate complete date/time which can be calculated from Trx Date base on Global Setup.
  • Assign: This is the user that's assigned to process this transfer batch.
See sample screen below:

Modified Programs: BMSTRTWO


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