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Converting Elliott Physical Server to a Virtual Machine (VM)

Release: 4/29/2021
Version: 7.5 & Up

Q - We are going to move our Elliott physical server to a Virtual Machine (VM). We would like to do this with minimal effort. One tool that we are evaluating to do this is called Disk2Vhd. Have you ever heard/experienced this tool and if so, do you know if this will screw up PSQL/Elliott licensing if this is used/done?

A - Generally speaking, the physical to virtual conversion utility should work. We don’t have specific experience with the utility you refer to. But if you are on PSQL 11, there will be a licensing checking issue due to the fact that the underlying hardware has changed. After PSQL 12, it only checks if the machine name (the NETBIOS name) has changed. So as long as you don’t change the machine name after converting to VM, you should be OK from a licensing point of view. See the following KB article:


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