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Change - LOG Files in EDI Export Processes Are Now Redirected to LOG Folder

Release Date: 05/05/2021
Version: 8.5 & Up

Currently, Elliott EDI Export Processing may utilize LOG files to store error information.  For example, the CPSHPEDI.LOG file is used by "Shipped Data Export" (ASN/856 Export). This file currently resides in the  <ElliottRoot>\DATA folder.  Since this is an ASCII file, it brings up a potential issue for NTFS security.  During the setup of NTFS security, all *.LOG files will be flagged to allow modification access for the EVERYONE group.  This sets the initial stage for processing.

The problem usually comes when an administrator-equivalent user performs the EDI export process.  Then this log file ownership is changed to "Administrator."  This will cause the non-admin users who normally perform the EDI export processing to receive "Error 037 File access denied." See sample screen below:

There is a solution to resolve this problem to allow the user to move forward. You can find it in the following KB article:

To permanently resolve this NTFS issue. We have now moved all of the EDI Export related LOG files out of the DATA folder and into the LOG folder.  You may find those files in the following path:
where <ElliottRoot> is like "M:\Elliott7" and 99 is the company ID like 01, 02...etc. The NAME.LOG is the log file like CPSHPEDI.LOG for "Shipped Data Export."

By NTFS security setup guidelines for Elliott, all users will have the "Modified" right to the LOG folder and thus will not have the permission issue.  See the following KB article for how to set up NTFS security for Elliott:



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