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Feature - Master Scheduling Sales Forecast Import

Release date: 5/6/2021

Version: 8.5 and Up

There is a new import feature in Master Scheduling, Processing, and Sales Forecast Entry.

The import will facilitate the entry of Sales Forecast transactions.  The import screen is standard with three menu options of Pre-Interface, Interface, and Layout.  Three fields are prompted, Header Row, File Name, and Override Flag.  If your file contains a header row, respond Y to field 1.  The second field is the full path and file name of the import file.  Keep this simple with no spaces or special characters.  The limit is 50 characters.  The Append/Override flag can be used to clear out any transactions that exist in the Sales Forecast file.  If the Sales Forecast contains any transactions you want to retain, use the Append mode.  If you want to clear out certain records before importing, like for a date range, use the Purge function.

The layout is simple, but requires the same data as manual entry.

The Item Number, Due Date, and Forecast Order Quantity are required.  The Order Number is optional.  If not provided, a sequential number will be automatically assigned.

The Item Number must be a valid item in Elliott that is Active and be flagged as a Master Schedule item (field 73).  The Due Date must be a valid date and exist in the Shop Calendar file of Master Scheduling.  The Order Number can be any alphanumeric, but is limited to six characters.  The quantity must be a valid number and the number of decimal places must not exceed the number configured in the Elliott Company file.


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