Feature - Disable Advance Qty, Add Item and Max Digits Pre-Scan in WMS

Release Date: 5/14/21
Version: 8.5 and Above

A new Global Setup flag has been added to Shipping Verification Global Setup.

    63. Allow Adv Qty Entry and Max Digits for Pre-Scan Qty? Yes, No, or Password. Default is Yes.

If this field is set to N, users will not be allowed to enter an advanced qty or use the F3=Add Item options during:

·        Shipping Verification
·        Staging Verification
·        WMS Transfers
·        Putaway Processing

If the field is set to "P", the user is prompted to enter a password to be used to access the Adv Qty option in the above applications.

By default, Elliott allows users to enter the quantity advanced before a scan. This helps to speed up the verification processing in shipping and other WMS processing. Some users may choose to impose strict scanning rules and thus may wish to disable this feature. In that case, the user can set this flag to "N" to disable the advance quantity feature in these areas.

If the user sets this flag to "P", users must enter the advanced quantity password to gain access to the the advance quantity function.



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