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How Do I Give Someone Access to Export Processor?

Q - How do I give someone access to Export Processor?

A - There are two levels to this question:
  1. How to give a user access to Export Processor;
  2. How to give a user access to each specific "Group of Records" in Export Processor.
How to Give a User Access to Export Processor
First, make sure they have access to the menu option.  Log into Elliott as SUPERVISOR and select Password Setup from the System Utilities menu. Click Change and enter the user name and company. Enter SYS for the Package Name and UTL for the Process Name. Make sure field 14 is Y.

Press Enter to save the change. Press Escape until you get back to where you can click the top menu again. Click Global Security and User Global Security.

Enter the user name and company and then make sure field 14 is Y and 15 is N on Screen 1.

Also, you can set field 16 to allow them to change templates made by other users or just their own.

How to Give a User Access to Each Specific "Groups of Records" in Export Processor  
Export Processor allows exporting sensitive data including that from General Ledger.  Just because you want the user to be able to export, say, customer information doesn't mean you want that user to export General Ledger or Payroll data.  In the example screen below the user has access to AR, IM and COP modules. But the user does not have access to GL, AP, PR, PO, BM modules. As a result, those corresponding "Groups of Records" are greyed out:

Export Processor first determines if a user has access to the module to decide whether to grey out the corresponding group of records.  If the user does have access, the system will try to determine if the user has access to the corresponding maintenance or inquiry function. For example, if the user has access to either Customer File Maintenance or Customer File Inquiry, the system will make the "Customer" group of records available.

How to Access Mass Email
Mass Email access is controlled in an identical way as Export Processor.  You can use the same principle of Export Processor access and apply it to Mass Email


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