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Feature - Allow Change to Plus WO Production Trx Time Even If It Is Created from Time Clock

Release Date: 05/27/21
Version: 8.5 & Up

In Global Setup -> Dist -> BOMP Global Control, flag 12 is now changed to a double flag with the literal as:
    12. Enter Time for Plus Work Ord/From Time Clock?
If the user answers "Y" to field 12, the system will pop up a window and prompt as follows:
     Allow User to Override Trx Time from Time Clock?
The default value is "N."  See sample screen below:

The first of these double flags controls whether the user can enter Plus Work Order direct labor hours, shared labor hours and machine hours in the Production Transaction screen. In the past, the user was only allowed to change these hours if the production transaction was manually entered. If the production transaction was created through the time clock operation, then the user was not able to override the time fields. The purpose of the second flag, if it is set to "Y," is to allow the user to override the time fields even if the production transaction is created from the time clock operation. See sample screen below:

This capability is useful when the user makes mistakes with time clock operations. Adjusting time in Production Transaction is a lot easier than fixing it in Time Clock.



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