Why Was This Invoice Printed but Not Posted?

Released Date: 06/11/21
Version: 8.5 & Up

QWe have four orders where the invoice printed but the invoice date did not populate on the order header. We know the invoice hard copies printed because the orders can be tracked and we can scan the barcode on the invoice to commence tracking.

These four orders are not on the posting journal in any way from last night. It should be nearly impossible for the invoice to print and the invoice date not to be on the order.

Also, Elliott allows us to run Print One Invoice today to add the invoice date without needing to void anything.  See a sample order where the invoice hard copy was printed yesterday:

A - Here is my guess on what happened. When your user prints an invoice, the system prompts “Are Invoices Just Printed OK?” The symptoms you are describing sounds like the user answered “N” to that question. As a result, you had the hard copy of the invoice but Elliott's internal database flagged the order as if the invoice had not been printed yet. There are several areas you can check to match the symptoms:
  1. There’s no invoice date on the order (which is the case per your example).
  2. The invoice number is not displayed in the Order Inquiry (which is the case per your example).
  3. You can check the ORDER_SELECTION_CODE in the PSQL Control Center. The value would be “S” (selected) instead of “X” (Invoiced printed, pending posting).
  4. In your Invoice log file, which currently points to …\InvoiceLog\YYMMDD.txt per your invoice printing Global Setup flag 19, these orders will not show up in the log. The log file is updated when ORDER_SELECTION_CODE is changed to “X.”
There’s actually a way to prevent your users from making this “Y” or “N” mistake. If you go to Global Setup -> Cop-Func -> Invoice Printing, flag “33. Prompt ‘Are Invoices Just Printed OK’ Message?” and change it to “N”, then the system will not ask the question and thus prevent the user from making the mistake. 

The assumption for answering "N" is that it is extremely rare that you would have a printer problem. This was more of an issue in the old dot-matrix printer days, but rarely is a concern with laser printers.


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