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Export Processor Does Not Find Record Due to Space in Item Number

Release: 7/2/2021
Version: 7.5 & Up
QI attempted to run the Exporter on the Sales History TRX looking for sales equal to 9835-GS KIT. It pulled back 0 sales. See sample screen below:

Knowing this to be not valid, I then ran the Exporter looking for anything connected to GT 9835-GS. It pulled up 30 thousand records with the 9835-GS KIT. Thinking I possibly had an extra space, I copied the item number from the CSV for the 9835-GS KIT and inserted the copied text back into the Exporter to rerun and look for items that equaled 9835-GS KIT. The system again reported 0 sales.

Why is this occurring?

A - On the second parameter:
                Cphsttrx.hist_trx_item_no EQ 9835-GS KIT
Please change it to:
                Cphsttrx.hist_trx_item_no EQ “9835-GS KIT”

When the item number contains a space, the system interprets the above expression to mean EQ “9835-GS” or “KIT.” Add a quote around the item number with the space to resolve this issue.

Also, in the following KB article, we discuss what special characters to avoid with item numbers. Spaces are allowed but should be avoided whenever possible:

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