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Feature - Alternate Security for Viewing Database Activity

Release Date: 7/9/2021
Versions: 8.5 and Higher


It could be helpful in certain circumstances to view the last several database I/O operations.  While some users are allowed to do this whenever necessary, this generally is not allowed for security reasons. 

This new feature allows for an administrator to temporarily give permission for a non-privileged user to employ this feature during the life of an Elliott task.

Using the Feature
Let's say, for example, a process seems to be in a loop that does not end. The user may press Ctrl+Shft+D to try to view the most recent database activity. If they do not have that permission, they will be prompted for the SUPERVISOR password to get temporary permission:

If the user (or more likely an administrator) enters the correct password, the database activity log will appear and the user will continue to have the ability to view it without additional SUPERVISOR password prompts for the duration of the task.

If, however, you enter an incorrect password three times, you no longer will be prompted for a password nor have the ability to view the database activity for the duration of the task.

See the following KB article for related information:


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