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Feature - Allow to Mass Update PO Line Item Cost & Synchronize to Current FOB Cost

Release Date: 7/9/21

Versions 8.5 & Up

This feature is useful when your vendor raises a price and new price is applicable to an outstanding purchase order.  It allows your buyer to bring up the affected PO one line item at a time to synchronize that PO line item expected cost with the latest FOB cost.

This feature is added to the PO Line screen, F5 Window (PO --> Processing --> Purchase Order Processing --> Change --> Line Item screen --> F5=Display Order.) See sample screen below: 

 Press F5 to go to the Order Line Search window.  Note the new "F4=Sync to Current FOB Cost" option.

After pressing F4, the heading will change from Exp-Cost to Exp/New-Cost, and for those lines where there's a new FOB cost, the new calculated cost will appear on the line below the current cost.

At this point, no database changes have occurred to the Line Item file yet. So this is a good time for you to review all affected line items by using the Page Up/Down keys.

A.  If Escape is pressed before the F5 window is closed, the following message will appear:
If No (default) is selected, the program will return to the Line Item screen and no changes will occur to the Line Item file.

B.  If Escape is pressed and Yes is selected, all line items that have a new cost value will be changed and the program will return to the Line Item screen.  In the Line Item screen, If the user presses the ESC key again to exit and the Print Immediately PO option is turned on, the system will prompt the user and ask if he/she wishes to print the changed PO right away.

C. The F5 window also allows the user to press the RETURN key to select a particular line item. The selected line item will be returned to the Line Item screen.  If the user does so, that implies that the user is canceling the "F4=Sync to Current FOB Cost" operation. No cost change will occur to the Line Item file.

If there are unposted receiving transactions where the PO line item unit cost is updated, user will receive the following message:
    Update XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX cost from 999,999.9999 to 999,999.9999 in Receiving Trx?
See sample screen below:

Modified program: PO0111, POUPDCST


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