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Receive Support from Netcellent through Quick Assist

Release Date: 07/14/2021

If you are running on Windows 10 & above, when you are requested by Netcellent to bring up Microsoft Quick Assist for support, please use the following procedure:

1. Launch Quick Assist

Quick Assist is available in Windows 10. To launch it, go to the bottom right corner and search "Quick Assist". See sample screen below:

2. Enter Code from Assistant

Now ask Netcellent for the assistance code. Then click on the "Share screen" button. See sample screen below:

3. Allow Netcellent to Access Your Screen

You will see a screen that asks you for permission to share your screen. Please click on the "Allow" button to allow Netcellent access. 

4. Screen Sharing Has Ended

When Netcellent is done with your screen and terminates the session, you will receive the following message:


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