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Feature - Buyer Desk Negative Target, Adjustment Pct, CSV Support

Release Date: 8/9/21

Version: 8.5 and Above

Buyer Desk will now allow the user to consider the situation where sales have slowed and the buyer should review the data to determine if they they should consider canceling existing purchase orders. In the Buyer Desk, the typical 30, 60, 90 days columns show qty of 0 if there’s nothing that needs to be purchased. With this enhancement, the user has to option to show negative values so that they can determine if some purchase orders should be cancelled or adjusted based on calculations. 

Two new options have been added to the Parameters screen when starting Buyer Desk processing.  

11. Show Negative Suggested Qty? The Default is N. If set to Y, negative amounts will be shown in the target columns.

12. Percentage Adjustment- The default is zero. Enter a percentage between -100 and 100. For example, if the buyer believes that there will be a 20 percent increase in sales, they can enter 20 in this field. The target amounts will be adjusted by this percentage. On the other hand, if the buyer feels that sales will slow down, they can enter -20. The target amount will be adjusted by this percentage.

The Item List screen now supports displaying negative quantities if chosen on the parameter screen.

The Item Review screen has been changed to support the display of negative target quantities.

A new option F3=CSV has been added to the Item List screen. If selected, a parameter screen will allow the user to choose which items should be exported to CSV.

Starting Item No - Default is All. F7/F8 search is supported. Enter the starting item number.
Ending Item No - F7/F8 search is supported. If starting item number is specified, enter the ending item number. 
Starting Product Category - Default is All. Enter the starting product category.
Ending Product Category - If starting product category is specified, enter the ending product category.
Only Show Items with Buy Qty? - Default is N. If Y, only items with a buy quantity for either location will be exported.
Only Show Items with Neg Target Qty? - Default is N. If Y, only items with a negative target quantity for either location will be exported.
Show Combined Warehouse Total? Default is N. If Y, combined warehouse totals will be included in the CSV file.
CSV File Path and Name - Specify the name of the CSV file to be exported including the full path.

Output Columns:
Item# - Item Number
ItemDesc - Item Description
ProdCat - Product Category
UDC - User Defined Code
Age - Item Age
Last Sold - Item Date Last Sold
Std Cost - Standard Cost
Avg Cost - Average Cost
Sale Price - Item Sale Price
Loc1 - Location 1 
3M OSI (Loc 1) - 3 Months Days Out of Stock
Sold (Loc 1) - Quantity Sold
Qty Ship (Loc 1) - Quantity Shipped
QOH (Loc 1) - Quantity On Hand
Alloc (Loc 1) - Quantity Allocated
WL (Loc 1) - Wish List Quantity
On Ord(Loc 1) - Quantity On Order
30 (Loc 1) - Target Quantity 1
60 (Loc 1) - Target Quantity 2
90 (Loc 1) - Target Quantity 3
Buy (Loc 1) - Quantity to Buy
Loc2 - Location 2 
3M OSI (Loc 2) - 3 Months Days Out Of Stock
Sold (Loc 2) - Quantity sold
Qty Ship (Loc 2) - Quantity Shipped
QOH (Loc 2) - Quantity on Hand
Alloc (Loc 2) - Quantity Allocated
WL (Loc 2) - Wish List Quantity
On Ord(Loc 2) - Quantity On Order
30 (Loc 2) - Target Quantity 1
60 (Loc 2) - Target Quantity 2
90 (Loc 2) - Target Quantity 3
Buy (Loc 2) - Quantity to Buy

Show Combined Warehouse Total
Total Sold - Total Quantity Sold
Total Qty Ship - Total Quantity Shipped
Total QOH - Total Quantity On Hand
Total Alloc - Total Quantity Allocated
Total WL - Total Wish List Quantity
Total On Ord - Total Qty On Order
Total 30 - Total Target Quantity 1
Total 60 - Total Target Quantity 2
Total 90 - Total Target Quantity 3
Total Buy - Total Quantity to Buy

Programs Modified: POBDPNV2

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