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Feature - Extra Item Data Last Access Update

Release date: 8/10/2021

Version: 8.5 & Up

The purpose of these changes is related to the update of the following two fields in the Item Master file:  ITEM-DATE-LAST-ACCESS and ITEM-USER-LAST-ACCESS.

These two fields are updated when a user adds or changes an item in Item File maintenance or uses the CSV import utility to add or change an item. However, these fields are not updated when a user goes to Item-File-Maintenance and updates the Extra Item Data.  These fields may be updated by selecting the Extra-Data option:  

or by pressing ALT-X (or Special Function and choosing Extra Item Data).

Using either option will bring the following Extra Item Data window:

When a user makes changes in this window, the two LAST-ACCESS fields will currently not be updated.  This may cause issues if these LAST-ACCESS fields are used to determine if an item record should be interfaced to other programs.  To start updating the LAST-ACCESS fields when a change is made to any field on the Extra Item Data Window, go to Global Setup --> Dist --> I/m global control --> screen 4, and change field "11. Upd Item Last Access Info When Chg Extra Item Data?" to "Y." 



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