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AR Payment Dispute Management with Reason Code

Release Date: 08/13/2021
Version: 7.x & Up

QIn the AR Open File the Reason Cd field exists. See sample screen below:

We are looking for a better way to track payment disputes and issues. What built-in options are available to track disputes and payment issues over time? Can the Reason Cd field be accessed and changed outside of the Open Item File Maintenance screen? Even if it can, is there reporting built around this for tracking? We checked the support site and could not find any relevant information.

What are other Elliott users doing to handle dispute management?

A - The “Reason Cd” is designed to handle A/R cash receipt short pay scenarios (charge backs) where the system will create the “Debit” memo (negative payment) for the short pay. The short pay will become the debit memo and you will track the debit memo with the “Reason cd” later in various areas. The debit memo won’t go away until you issue a credit memo when all parties agree with the write-off. If not, then you will see the debit memo show on the aging and will become past due if it is not resolved.

 “Reason Cd” is referenced in the following areas:

  • ARCSHADD – Cash Receipt Processing
  • ARCSHJNL - A/R Cash Receipt Journal
  • ARACTINQ - A/R Account Inquiry
  • ARAGERPT, ARAG1RPT & ARAG2RPT - A/R Aging Reports
  • ARAGEEXT - A/R Expanding Aging
  • AROLOAD - A/R Open Item File Edit
  • AROPNEDT - A/R Open Item Edit List

 If you are not familiar with the short pay (charge back) processing in Elliott cash receipt, please call Netcellent support to discuss.


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