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Change - Credit Card Log Report to Use System Date for Starting Date

Release date: 08/18/21

Versions: 8.5 & Up

We have changed the logic for the "Starting Date" field in the Credit Card Log Report so that this report may be set to run using deferred processing on a regular basis.

Currently, the "Starting Date" field for A/R -> Reports -> Credit Card Log Report defaults to System Date as follows:

Also, entering spaces in the "Starting Date" will result in "All" dates being chosen as follows:

We have changed this so that the default value when entering the "Starting Date" field will be spaces, tabbing off the field will result in display of "System Date" (see below) and  zeroes  will be moved to the starting date field when passed to the report program.  The report program will then see the zeroes in the starting date and replace the zeroes in Starting and Ending dates with the current system date.

The report is changed to show "System Date" when that is the value chosen.

Modified programs: ARCRDSCN, ARCRDLOG


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