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Feature - WO Plus Allow Add New Material with Zero Quantity and Create Allocation to the New Product

Release Date: 8/25/21

Version: 8.5 and Above

If a user wants to add an item that is not on the original bill of material to a Plus Production Work Order during Production Transaction Processing, Elliott allows that but does NOT allow the user to report a quantity of zero. This change will allow the user to add an item with a quantity of zero. As a result, the required item is now on the production order and the quantity is allocated for this production order. This option will only be available if using shortages and Global Setup-> BOMP Global Control-> Screen 3-> 14. Enforce Material Verification in Production is set to N.

During Production Transaction Processing, a component can be added with a quantity of zero.

The added component is shown in the component list with the quantity of zero and the shortage amount.

Posting the transaction will create a shortage transaction hold ID for the shortage quantity.

Processing another production transaction will show the added component and allow the entry of a quantity used.

This will post and update the hold transaction or remove it if the entire shortage was fulfilled.

Programs Modified: BMMTLMN3, BM19P3, SYINVAL3


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