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Why You Should Always Spool Post Journals to Disk

Release: 09/24/2021
Version: 7.x & Up

Q - I need to go into the system and re-print the AP Check do I do that? It didn't print when the checks were posted.

AYou can’t reprint a posting journal unless it was spooled to disk in the first place.

For all “Posting” in Elliott, we recommend you always check the “Disk” as one of the output options. See sample screen below:

You can add other output destinations like Screen or Printer as well.

This way, if you need to re-print in the future, you can always go to Spooled Reports Manager to re-print it. Just click on "Spool" on the Elliott Control Center tool bar. See sample screen below:

Then, in the Spooled Reports Manager interface, find the module, year and month to locate your spooled report. See sample screen below:

As an accounting principle, posting journals need to be saved for future “auditing” purposes. Saving them on disk is a much better option than printing them as hard copies and storing them in a binder that takes up your office space. You also don’t need to worry about shredding the hard copies many years later if you print them to disk.

Generally speaking, you do not need to be concerned with disk space issues. Most of the modern computer systems will have plenty of disk space to store posting journals on disk into the foreseeable future. 


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