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Feature - Enhanced 13-Digit UPC (EAU-13) Code Support

Release Date: 9/30/21

Version: 8.5 and Above

This feature allows the user to specify that they are using 13-digit UPC numbers (EAU-13) instead of the standard 12-digit UPC code. This will allow for the support of UPC vendor numbers (prefix) greater than 6 characters.

To support this feature, a new option is available in Global Setup-> System-> Additional Search Key-> Field 10. Use UPC/SCC-14 / Alternate Item No. If this field is set to Y or B, a popup window for the UPC setup information is available: "Use 13 digit UPC?"

 10. Use UPC/SCC-14 / Alternate Item No - Default is N. If set to Y, a second popup window will appear.

"How many UPC codes are you allowed to assign?" - Enter the number of barcodes purchased. The options are 1 = 10, 2 = 100, 3 = 1000, 4 = 10,000 and 5 = 100,000.
UPC Vendor No - Enter the UPC Vendor Number (prefix) assigned to you by the issuing authority.   

Note: If the user answers Y to the Use 13 Digit UPC option, they will not be able to change the UPC Vendor No. that is displayed on the UPC Information window. The field can only be changed from the No. Of Barcodes window.

The entry of the UPC next sequence number verifies that the sequence number is less that the maximum number of UPC codes purchased. For example, if up to 10,000 UPC codes are purchased, the maximum sequence number that can be entered is 9,999. If a number greater than 9,999 is entered, the user will receive a prompt stating that the sequence number cannot exceed 9999 and will be reset to zero. 

If this is okay, answer Yes. If the response is No, the user will be returned the the next sequence number entry field where they can enter a different number or abort the application without saving the changes that were made.

When the "Use 13 Digit UPC" option is set to Y and using UPC automatic assignment, a 13-digit UPC code is generated instead of a 12-digit UPC code. This automatic assignment takes place in the Item Extra Data screen and during Item Import if the user chooses to generate UPC codes.



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