Feature - Sales Order Import Places Orders With Duplicate Purchase Order Numbers On Hold

Release date: 8/20/2021

Version: 8.5 and Up

Sales Order Import will now place orders that meet the duplicate purchase order number criteria on hold and a hold note will be attached to the order header.  Earlier versions of the program would give a warning for duplicate purchase order numbers, but only if that order was already in Elliott.  The update will also check orders within the batch of orders imported.  There are two places that define the duplicate purchase order criteria:

Order Header Global Setup

Customer EDI Profile

If the Customer EDI Profile does not exist for the customer designated in the import order, the value in the Order Header Global Setup is used.

When a duplicate purchase order is found, the Import Journal will print a warning with the original order number:

The duplicate order is placed on hold with a hold note attached:

Modified Programs: CPORDIMP


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