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Feature - Print ATTRIB-1 through ATTRIB-5 on UCC-128 Label

Release Date: 11/23/21

Version: 8.5 and Above

This feature will allow the user to choose an attribute field associated with an order to be printed on the UCC-128 label. The primary purpose of this enhancement is to support EDI where trading partners 850 (PO) may have extra information saved in the order header or line item information that's required to be printed on UCC-128 labels.  It can also be used in a generic way to print attributes belonging to the customer, ship-to or item.

This feature is enabled in the customer EDI Profile, screen 5, "6. Custom Ship Label CSV Format (UCC-128)?" field. When the user is prompted for the fields of the UCC-128 label, an extra five fields are supported: ATTRIB-1 to ATTRIB-5.

If the user chooses any of the ATTRIB-1 to ATTRIB-5 fields, after the select screen is completed the application will pop up another window for the Attribute-1 to Attribute-5.

The user must specify the file name, attribute code, and field of the attribute to be used for each attribute selected.
File: Valid entries are: ARCUSFIL, CPSHPFIL, CPORDHDR, CPORDLIN and IMITMFIL. Attribute information from files  ARCUSFIL, CPSHPFIL, and CPORDHDR is considered order header information. Attribute information from files CPORDLIN* and IMITMFIL* is considered order line item information.
Attribute Code: Can be any valid attribute code that is on file in the system attribute file. An F7 search is available.
Field: Valid entries are: R1-R5, A1-A3, D1-D3, C1-C3 similar to the Attribute Code set up for Primary Field 1 & 2. R1-R5 means Reference field 1 – 5, A1-A3 means Amount 1-3, D1-D3 means Date 1-3, and C1-C3 will output “Y” or “N” value.

The UCC-128 label program will interpret the ATTRIB-1 to 5 accordingly. If the corresponding attribute is not found, then CSV will produce a lank value for the field. There's a special logic when a user chooses CPSHPFIL as the file name.  If the corresponding attribute is not found with CPSHPFIL, the system will attempt to look up ARCUSFIL to see if the corresponding value exists and will use it if found.

Note: The definition of ATTRIB-1 to ATTRIB-5 is not supported in the Global Setup of Shipment Verification. 

* If you choose CPORDLIN or IMITMFIL as the name for the attribute file, the CSV file structure depends on EDI Profile, Screen 2, field "1. Force One Label Per Box." If the value is set to "Y" and there are multiple items in the box (pick & pack,) then the item or line item related fields in the CSV will become "Mixed" or whatever custom-defined value.  On the other hand, if the value is set to "N," then the CSV fields in the line item area will be repeated as many times as the number of items in the box. Since the label space is limited, the user must specify the maximum value -- say 5.  That means the label can print up the 5 items.  If it is over 5 items, the additional items will overflow to the next label.



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