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Install 2021 1099-NEC Laser Form Template

Release Date: 12/02/2021
Version: 8.5 and Above

The Elliott Accounts Payable module supports the printing of 1099-NEC forms. The 2021 1099-NEC is a standard IRS form so we believe you should be able to order from any source you prefer. There are options for 3 or 4 copies. We tested against the following two sources:

The 2021 1099-NEC form has been changed from two forms per page in 2020 to three forms per page. The form is designed to be printed on a laser printer. Typically, a laser printer assumes the top and bottom margin to be 0.5" and text won't be printed in these areas without special programming to override the default margins.  The 2020 1099-NEC form could be printed on laser printers without any special adjustment. On the other hand, since the 2021 1099-NEC form needs to accommodate three forms, it encroaches on the bottom 0.5" margin. If nothing is done, the last line of the third form on the page will be printed on the next page and will cause an  alignment problem.  

To resolve the default laser form margin problem, we need to use a new form template, "1099 NEC-2021," which is included with the Elliott 2021 year-end update. The new "1099 NEC-2021" will make the bottom margin of the laser form 0.25" to resolve the alignment issue. Please be aware that the new form template won't be installed by default.  Instead, you need to import it after you are done installing the Elliott year-end update. This article describes how to import the form template as a pre-requisite to printing the 2021 1099-NEC form.

Step 1. Install Elliott 2021 Year-End Update or After

  1. You can download the latest Elliott 8.5 update by using the following URL: 
  2. After downloading, you must run the installation package Elliott85.exe from the PSQL server.
  3. You must login to Windows as a system admin or equivalent. 
  4. You must install the corresponding <ElliottRoot> local path on the server that is equivalent to the mapped network path.
  5. Your Elliott registration maintenance must not be expired at the time of installation.
  6. It is important to know that Elliott 8.5 requires Windows 7, Windows 2008 R2 or a newer OS to run. In addition, you will need Microsoft .NET framework 4.5 or up to run Elliott 8.5.

Step 2. Import 1099 NEC-2021 Form Template

The new Elliott installation utility will copy file AP21P1N.F01 to the <ElliottRoot>\Bin85\Forms folder.  See sample screen below:

Start up Elliott 8.5 and go to Accounts Payable -> Processing -> Print/Create 1099 Forms -> Print -> Print 1099 NEC Forms. In the Print Option window, click the "Options..." button. See sample screen below:

In the Appearance Options window, click the "New Form..." button. See sample screen below:

In the "Enter New Form Information" window, accept Form No "1," and enter "1099-NEC 2021" in the "Title," then click OK. See sample screen below:

In the "Elliott Laser Form Designer" window, click on "Import."  You will be prompted whether to save the current work.  Answer "No" to proceed. See sample screen below:

In the Laser From Import window, choose to "Browse." See sample screen below:

In Windows Explorer, find AP21P1N.F01 from your FORMS folder. Highlight it and open.

In the Laser Form Import window, click "OK" to proceed with import. See sample screen below:

You will see the message "Import Complete." Now you can exit "Elliott Laser Form Designer" by clicking the "Close" button. You can answer "No" to the prompt "Do you wish to save the changes you made to this design?" since it is already saved.  Exit out of the Appearance Options window by using "Cancel."  Exit out of the "Print Options" window by using "Cancel."

You have now accomplished the pre-requisite to printing the 2021 1099-NEC form.


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