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Multiple Vessels in IM Transfer Consolidated from PO Receipt

Release Date: 2/10/2022
Version: 8.5 & Up

Q - If you post a PO receipt against a purchase order, where individual line items reference _different_ vessels (see sample screen below):

The subsequent IM transfer generated should be on a per-unique-vessel basis. Instead, only one single IM transfer batch is created. See the following sample screen:

I don't want to consolidate multiple vessels receiving into a transfer batch.  What can we do?

A - Here are the details of this issue:
  1. The inventory transfer batch is created per PO for each receiving post.
  2. We consider the vessel info on the transfer batch as “reference” info.
  3. In this case, for the same PO# 366548-00 you have two receiving items on two different dates and two different vessels.
  4. They were posted together and the system only created one transfer batch. We can only store one vessel ID on the batch header because of the database.
  5. It seems you don’t want to consolidate these two receiving items on a single transfer batch because they have different vessels. It will be difficult when you receive these two vessels separately in the warehouse.
  6. The proper way to handle this is to post them separately. We currently prompt the user for the vessel during posting. If you post them separately, this would not be an issue.
It is possible for us to make a change so that the system will create two different transfer batches because of two different vessels. But that change is quite challenging to do, so we are not going to make that change. At the moment, I suggest you use #6 above to address your issue.


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