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FOB Cost Will Not Be Changed Because It Was Manually Overridden

Release Date: 02/17/2022
Version: 8.5 & Higher

Q - We sometimes run into the warning message shown below when changing cost on PO line items that have previously been changed by using the import method to change the cost. The discount percentage will no longer calculate pricing. What is the reasoning behind stopping the calculation from happening going forward? Thanks.

A - This message is related to this feature: 

In a nutshell, we have the following three fields in the PO Line Item screen:
                  9. Price/Dsc%
                10. FOB Cost
The following formula should hold true: 
    Price * (100-Dsc%)/100 = FOB Cost. 
On the other hand, if you enter the Price = 100 and Dsc% = 2%, the FOB cost should pop up as 98. But the user can manually override the FOB cost to, say, 97. So the formula is no longer true. In that situation, if you manually change the “9. Price” to $200, since the system knows the FOB was manually overridden, due to the formula not working it will not recalculate the FOB cost to $196 based on the 2% discount. Hence you get the message.

When you choose to update PO line item cost through CSV import, you should update both the FOB cost and MFG price.  See sample screen below:


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