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Elliott Is Moving Away from Real-Time Inventory Update Method

Release Date: 04/07/222
Version: 7.5 & Up

QI would like to be able to auto-create an item at a location when it doesn't already exist, but it is not working. I changed the flag in Global Setup and it still does not work. Am I missing something? See sample screen below:

A - The particular Global Setup flag in your example does not support the real-time inventory update method. You are currently using the real-time method, which is controlled by the flag in I/M Setup, flag “24. Online Update Inventory Trx?” See sample screen below for that flag:

There’s a corresponding flag “15. Online Update receiving Trx?” in PO setup too. The I/M and P/O setup should be consistent as either real time or batch.

Over the last 20 years, we have moved away from real-time inventory update in favor of the batch method. There are many reasons for this move. At the moment, we are still supporting the real-time method with its original functionality without adding new features. We suggest that our users move toward the batch inventory transaction method.


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