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Store Dimension Data in Elliott Item with _DIMENSION Attribute

Release Date: 04/14/2022
Version: 7.5 & Higher

QIs there any field in the Item file where we can enter correct info about dimensions? I found field "49.weight " in Item file maintenance. Now we enter weight information there.  We enter dimensions info in memo form by using Elliott notes. But many of our customers are asking us to provide dimensions information for their website businesses. Storing dimensions in notes does not allow us a suitable/quick method to take it out. Therefore I would like to organize it appropriately. Please advise how we can store dimension information in Elliott.

AAt a few of our user sites, they have the same requirement to store dimension data. So we ask them to store it in an item's attributes. Here is a sample “_DIMENSION” attribute:

At one of the sites, we developed a special interface of item data including dimensions with their WMS system. This is not a standard Elliott feature. But our thinking is in the future, we will standardize this attribute to store dimension data.  The “_” before the “DIMENSION” means this is a special system-level attribute. In addition, the "_" symbol makes it very unlikely to conflict with an existing “DIMENSION” attribute defined by the users.

Even though for the standard Elliott installation we are not using the “_DIMENSION” attribute at this moment, that may happen in the future. Therefore, it is a good idea you standardize it now by following our convention. Therefore, we suggest that you store dimension data in the "_DIMENSION" attribute.  You can either manually update the _DIMENSIION attribute in Item file maintenance, or you can update Attribute CSV Import Utility through System Utilities -> System Files Setup -> Import -> Attribute Import.

You can export the attribute data through export processor.  See sample screen below:


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