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Avalara Setup Procedures - System Requirements

Release Date: 4/28/23
Version: 8.6 and above

Supported Version
Avalara integration is only supported in Elliott version 8.6 and above.

Versions 8.5 & 8.6 Running Side by Side Issues
While we allow users running 8.5 & 8.6 side by side, if a user enables the Avalara interface then Elliott is subjected to special restrictions. The Avalara Integration can only work in version 8.6. If a user runs an Avalara related programs in version 8.5, mostly in AR and COP modules, it can cause an issue. Therefore, for those Avalara related programs, we will check the version of Elliott when the application is started. If it is version 8.5 and Avalara is in enabled, the application will give an error message to the user stating that they need to run that application under version 8.6. For those programs that have a user interface, the message will be displayed in a popup window. For those programs that do not have a user interface (like printing, posting), the application will print the message on the report.

Relational Database Support
Starting with Elliott 8.6, the system supports a "Report Desk", "PowerSearch"  and Avalara "AvaTax" integration feature which are based on the PSQL relational database engine. Databases must be created for Report Desk, PowerSearch, and AvaTax to work. By default, "Report Desk", "PowerSearch" and "AvaTax" expect the following database names be created on the PSQL server:

ELI86ROOT - This is based on the DDF files in the <ElliottRoot>\Bin86\DDFROOT\STDDDF folder. <ElliottRoot> refers to your Elliott root folder like "M:\Elliott7." The EL86ROOT database points to the BTR files in the <ElliottRoot> folder for those tables shared across all companies. This includes Report Desk,  PowerSearch, and AvaTax database tables (i.e., SYRD*.TR files,) security and other miscellaneous tables.

ELI86DATA?? - This can be ELI86DATA for the database in <ElliottRoot>\DATA folder (i.e., company 01) and EL86DATA02 - 99 for databases in <ElliottRoot>\DATA_02 - 99 for company 02 - 99 . This is based on the DDF files in <ElliottRoot>\Bin86\DDF40\STDDDF.

Elliott86.exe installation utility can help you to create EL86ROOT & ELI86DATA?? databases automatically on a PSQL server upon the installation of Elliott 8.6 for the first time or for future updates. If you did not do that, you can also run EL860DB.EXE on PSQL server by browsing to the <ElliottRoot>\Bin86 folder. 

for more information.

Report Desk 
The Avalara AvaTax Integration requires the user to be configured to use Report Desk. Report Desk is a new report-developing platform for Elliott Business Software. It is based on the PSQL relational engine accessing the Elliott database, which has the potential to make large reports run significantly faster than traditional Elliott reports. In addition, all reports can output to PDF, CSV or XLSX format. The best feature is that the user can modify the standard Report Desk reports provided by Netcellent and customize them by adding or removing columns. Report Desk uses proportional spacing fonts, which usually results in more data being presented in a limited space.

See   for more information on how to setup and configure Report Desk.

The Avalara AvaTax Integration requires the user to be configured to use PowerSearch. PowerSearch provides a powerful developing environment for Netcellent to deliver modern searches with enhanced functionality. PowerSearch uses the PSQL relational engine to access the Elliott database.

Many searches are user-definable. This means, as an end user, you can modify Elliott’s user-definable search layouts by adding or removing columns, changing search sorting sequence, and choosing different filtering criteria to retrieve the data.

See  for more information on how to setup and configure PowerSearch.

AvaTax Online Account from Avalara
Users need an AvaTax Online Account from Avalara. An account ID and license key provided by Avalara must be provided to be able to calculate sales tax.

Avalara Sales Tax Interface License from Netcellent
Avalara Sales Tax Interface is an optional add-on license.  Please speak to Netcellent to get this feature licensed before proceeding.


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