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Elliott Synchronizing to Local Error - There is not enough space on the disk

Release Date: 05/04/2022
Version: 8.5 & Higher

Q - We just had an Elliott update last night.  Now some of our users are getting this error today. It is not all users and not even all users on specific remote desktop servers.  Even after restarting & logging in again, certain users get this message. See sample screen below:

A - We had another user run into this issue. As it turns out, it is not a disk space issue.  In essence, Elliott was not able to update the local copy for some reason. We had them remove the local BIN85 folder specified in the error. Then we went to the network BIN85 folder and ran EL850.EXE to set up the local BIN85 folder again and it worked.

Below is their IT's response after trying out the above method:

As this user connects via the RDS servers. I just deleted his UVHD file on the connection broker server (using SIDDER) and had him reconnect. This rebuilt his appdata container completely and this error didn’t pop up again. Fairly heavy handed but these guys do not store anything locally, so not a big issue. Your fix may work for users running the app on a local desktop and might just have some problems with the appdata redirection being used on the RDS desktops. Seems like we will need to test a bit further to confirm.

UVHD refers to User Profile Disk for remote desktop users.  For more detail, see following KB article:


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