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Defer Processing Locks up Due to Multiple Defer Processing Sessions Running at the Same Time

Release Date: 06/02/22
Version: 8.6

Q - The deferred task of posting filled backorders is locked up.  It has remained incomplete since yesterday.  See sample screen below:

What can cause this?

A - After further investigation, the reason for the lockup is that multiple deferred processing sessions are running at the same time.  From your server task bar, there is one deferred processing user interface.  Then in the task tray area, if you click on the "^", you will see two more deferred processing sessions running. See sample screen below:

If you look at the task manager, you can see 3 EL860DP.EXE running:

Since you only have one company, you should only have one deferred processing session running.  Multiple deferred processing sessions can create competition in running the same task and thus cause locking. This is an known issue.  We do intend to make it easier to prevent users from running multiple deferred processing sessions, but the job is not done.  See the following feature suggestion on the Elliott support portal:

For the person who handles deferred processing, he/she should be aware of the following:
1. If the intention is to terminate deferred processing, clicking on the "x" does not terminate the defer processing windows.  Instead, it only minimizes it to the task tray area.  Chances are, you will find the minimized icon in the "^" area. 
2. To actually terminate deferred processing, you need to right click on the minimized icon in the task tray and choose "Close Deferred Processing." See sample screen below:

3. If your intention is not to terminate defer processing, we suggest that you leave the defer processing window on the desktop so others know that defer processing is running and avoid confusion as in this case.
4. If you accidentally minimize the defer processing window to the task tray, right click on the icon and choose "Show Deferred Processing UI" to restore the window.

In this case, you need to close all your defer processing tasks and start up just one defer processing session, then retry.  For the incomplete task, you should edit it and reset to allow it to be processed again.


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