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Feature - Serial Correction Tool Change Event

Release Date: 06/24/2022
Version: 8.5 & Higher

In Elliott I/M -> Processing -> Serial Number Processing -> Util -> Serial Correction Tool, users can change a stock serial number. Typically, this is needed due to a scanning error of a bad barcode label. See sample screen below:

We have now added a SERCHG event by item which will be triggered when a user uses this function to correct a serial number.  Just as an FYI, following the standard Elliott event convention, you must make a change to one serial number first before this event will be registered.  Then, from that point on, you can subscribe to this event. See sample screen below for subscribing to this event from Item File Maintenance:

This event supports the following variables:

1. Item Number
2. Description 1
3. Old Serial Number
4. New Serial Number
5. Item Note 1
6. Item Note 2
7. Item Note 3
8. Item Note 4
9. Item Note 5
10. Reason

Modified Programs: IMSERLOG


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