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After Server Reboot, Elliott Stopped Working Due to PSQL Engines Not Starting

Release Date: 08/09/2022
Version: All

Q - Our server has been rebooted for maintenance.  Since the eboot, none of the Elliott users can use Elliott Business Software.

A - This can happen if PSQL services did not start after the server reboot.  We have seen this before. Typically this happens when PSQL services try to start, but not all required components are loaded in the server memory yet. You could go to Services and find "Actian PSQL Relational Engine" and "Actian PSQL Transactional Engine.".  Check the "Status" column to see if they are "Running."  If not, right click and choose "Start." This should resolve the problem.

If the issue was indeed due to PSQL services not being started, you can right click on both PSQL Engines and choose "Properties." Consider changing the Startup type from "Automatic" to "Automatic (Delayed Start)." See sample screen below:

* Note: PSQL version 15 or later combines both Relational and Transaction Engines and hence has only one entry in Services.


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