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Avalara - Address Validation

Release Date: 4/28/23
Version: 8.6 and Above

Avalara Integration has the option to validate customer, ship-to, and order addresses. This is enabled through Global Setup-> Add-ons-> Avalara Integration-> 4. Validate Addresses.

4. Validate Addresses - Default value is N. If set to Y, addresses will be validated in Customer File Maintenance, Ship-To File Maintenance, Location File Maintenance, Order Entry, Sales Desk, and Recurring Order Entry. The validation will occur when an address is added or is changed.

For example, let's say customer 001300 is added with the following address:

In this example, the zip code is incorrect for this address. When the record is saved, the address will be validated. The user will be presented with the following screen indicating that the address should be updated.

If the user chooses Accept, the address will be updated in the customer file. If the user chooses Reject, the suggestion will be ignored and the customer record will not be updated.

If the address validation is successful, the _CALCAVALARA check box 2 (Avalara Address Checked) will be set to Y.

Note: If the user rejects the address change, tax calculations in Customer Order Processing may fail and orders may go on hold for an incorrect address.


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