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Avalara - Order Billing

Release Date: TBD
Version: 8.6 and Above

The order billing process will estimate taxes based on the tax codes and percentages on the order header.

If the order requires payment information, the taxes are calculated before the order payment screen is shown.

When you return from the payment screen, the tax amounts are updated and are no longer estimates.

The order billing screen can be accessed in different situations. Taxes will remain an estimate unless the payment screen is accessed or the picking ticket has been printed for the order.

Once taxes are calculated, a snapshot of the tax calculation is stored with the address for the calculation and the order amount, miscellaneous charges amount, and the freight charges.

If the order amount, miscellaneous charges, or freight amount changes and the user accesses the order payment screen or prints picking tickets before printing the invoice, taxes will be recalculated.

The breakdown of the calculated tax amounts are stored in the _TAXBREAKDOWN attributes.

State taxes:

County Taxes:

District Taxes:

Programs Modified: CP0112

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