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Change - Staging Verification Operator ID

Release Date: 8/29/22
Version: 8.5 and Above

This change will use the operator ID to determine which assigned staging batches are displayed in Staging Verification. When assigning users to staging batches in the Warehouse Management System, the assignment is based on operator ID. 

If the operator ID is different than the Elliott user ID, the operator ID should be associated with an Elliott user ID in System Utilities-> Password Setup. For example, Elliott user SCOTTD has and operator ID of G-SCOTTD. 

When SCOTTD logs into Elliott and accesses the Staging Verification application, staging batches assigned to G-SCOTTD will be shown.

If no operator is assigned to the Elliott user ID, Staging Verification assumes that the operator ID is the same as the Elliott user ID. In this example, Staging Verification would look for batches assigned to SCOTTD and not G-SCOTTD.

Programs Modified: CPBATSUM

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