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Avalara - Print Picking Tickets

Release Date: 4/28/23
Updated: 2/12/24
Version: 8.6

When the Avalara Integration is enabled, the following changes will take effect when printing picking tickets.

Picking Tickets must be printed under version 8.6. If the user attempts to run the application under version 8.5 the following message is printed on the picking ticket: Error: Avalara AvaTax requires version 8.6. Run this application under version 8.6.

The picking ticket application will check if taxes were previously calculated for the the order. If true and the order total amount, miscellaneous charges, or freight amounts have not changed, taxes will not be recalculated until invoice printing.

If taxes have not been previously calculated or the order total amount, miscellaneous charges, or freight amounts have been changed, taxes will be calculated when printing the picking ticket. If the application is unable to communicate with the AvaTax services, taxes will be estimated using tax rate provided by Avalara and the order will not be put on hold. 

If the tax calculation fails for any other reason, the order will be placed on hold and the held reason will be set to "T" for taxes. 

A hold note will be generated with the reason the taxes calculation failed.

The full error description is logged in the AVErrors log file.

8/29/2022 7:38 AM Avatax Error with these parameters:

Method = CalculateTax
MethodParameters = 01 SalesOrder 202127

ErrorCode = GetTaxError
ErrorNumber = 300
Message = Tax calculation cannot be determined. Zip is not valid for the state.
Description = The provided address contains a postal code and state combination that is not valid.
FaultCode = GetTaxError
HelpLink =
Severity = Error

Once taxes are successfully calculated, a snapshot of the tax calculation is stored with the address for the calculation and the order amount, miscellaneous charges amount, and the freight charges.

The breakdown of the calculated tax amounts are stored in the _TAXBREAKDOWN attributes.

State taxes:

County Taxes:

District Taxes:

If there is a discrepancy between Elliott's estimated tax calculations and the amount that is returned from Avalara, an event is triggered. Keep in mind that even though the program associated with this event is CP02P1 (picking ticket), in theory, it is possible to be triggered at time of billing and invoice printing or even tax interface queue but it is less likely to happen in those applications. This could generate a lot more event activities than a user may want to know about. Therefore, it is important that users should use the variables 8, 9 and 10 to filter this event.

Type: AVATAXDS (i.e. Avalara Tax Calculation Discrepancy)
Description: Avatax Discrepancy
Var 1: Customer No
Var 2: Order No
Var 3: Ship-to No
Var 4: Order Type
Var 5: Ship-to Name
Var 6: Ship-to City/State/Zip
Var 7: Customer Type
Var 8: Elliott Estimated Amt
Var 9: Avalara Calc Amt
Var 10: Discrepancy Pct (This is an absolute value.)

Programs Modified: CP02P1

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