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Avalara - Review Tax Queue

Release Date: 4/28/23
Updated: 8/22/23
Version: 8.6 and Above

This application shows a list of the transactions in the queue to be processed. A reconciliation status will show which transactions failed calculation and were estimated using a combined tax rate from the Avalara Zip Tax File (AVZIPTAX). 

Options include: Enter=Detail (drill down to Invoice), F1=Trx Detail, F2=Commit, (to commit or reprocess tax transactions), F3=Chg To Est

Invoice – Invoice or credit memo document number
T – Document type C for credit memo and I for Invoice
CustNo – Customer number
ShTo – Invoice ship to number
InvDate – Invoice date
SaleAmt – Invoice sale amount
TaxableAmt – Invoice taxable amount
TaxAmt – Total tax amount
Status – Either “To Commit” if the taxes were calculated during invoice printing or “Estimate” if an internet connection was not available at time of invoice printing and taxes need to be calculated and committed.
Pressing the Enter key will drill down to the invoice.

Pressing the F1 key will show the tax breakdown for the transaction:

Pressing the F2 key will commit all of the transactions shown on the screen.

If the AvaTax service is unavailable, tax amounts are estimated when written to the tax queue. 

When the commit is performed, taxes are recalculated and committed. There may be a difference in the amount estimated and the final calculation. In this case, distributions need to be offset to make up for the difference in tax liabilities. The original tax account defined in the tax code file will be adjusted and the offset will be posted to the Tax Adjustment Account defined in Global Setup-> Add-Ons-> Avalara Integration.

Here is an example of the commit journal where there was a difference between estimated amount and final committed amount including distributions.

Original estimated tax amounts are for an address in the state of Missouri:
State:                 3.23      
County:               2.69
City                       .00

When the invoice is posted the following distributions are created:
    21020626-000000 Missouri Sales Tax Payable           3.23CR
    21020626-000000 Missouri Sales Tax Payable           2.69CR

The actual tax amounts calculated by Avalara are:
State:                 3.24      
County:               1.74      
District:               1.34

Posting creates these adjustment distributions:

Distributions:   21020626-000000 Missouri Sales Tax Payable             .01CR
                            21020626-000000 Missouri Sales Tax Payable             .95
                            21020626-000000 Missouri Sales Tax Payable           1.34CR
                            00001010-000000 Tax Adjustment Account                 .40

Here is a sample posting journal with the headings changed and the G/L Journal Source printed. This is also an example where the distributions are different between the county and the district but no adjustment is necessary.

Pressing the F3 key will switch a "To Commit" transaction to Estimated. This option should only be used if for some reason the invoice or credit memo did not update the Avalara portal when invoices were printed and the document was not written to the tax queue as estimated.

If the document exists on the Avalara portal, the user will be presented with the error message: Document Exists On Avalara Portal. Cannot Switch Status.

If the document does not exist in the Avalara portal, the user will be prompted if they are sure they want to change the status from "To Commit" to "Estimated". 

Programs Modified: NSCTLUT8



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