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Report Desk: Notifications

Release Date: 8/31/2022
Elliott Version: 8.6 and Higher


Some Report Desk reports may contain sensitive information or may need to be tracked for other reasons.  Elliott Report Desk allows for email notification whenever a report is run.  This article describes how to register for Report Desk notifications and describes the typical content of a notification.

Registering for Notifications

When creating or modifying the design of a report, a Notifications... button can be pressed to enter email addresses for notification:

Pressing that button will bring up the Register for Notification dialog:

Here you can enter one or more email addresses, separated by a semi-colon (;).  Each time the report is run, each of the email recipients will receive a Report Desk Notification.

Note: Each registration is made for the current company in Elliott.  So, for example, if you operate two companies in Elliott and want them both to have notifications for a report, you need to log in to Elliott for the first company, register for notification, save the design and exit Report Desk; then use the second company to bring up the design and register it there as well.

Notification Content

Following is typical content of a Report Desk Notification email:

Program: EL860RD

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