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Feature - Warehouse Receiving to Check If Item Note 1 - 5 Are Set Up

Version: 8.5 & Higher
Release Date: 10/5/2022

The purpose of this enhancement is to check if item note 1 - 5 fields (user-defined fields or UDF) are set up. The system can display an error or warning per Global Setup and optionally stop the warehouse receiving from proceeding until the required fields are set up.

To use this feature, you first need to go to Global Setup -> Dist ->  PO Warehouse Receiving, and answer "Y" to "13. Require Item Notes Setup for Receiving?"  A popup window will show up and prompt for the following:
  • Item Note 1 Is Required for Receiving?
  • Item Note 2 Is Required for Receiving?
  • Item Note 3 Is Required for Receiving? 
  • Item Note 4 Is Required for Receiving? 
  • Item Note 5 Is Required for Receiving?     
The possible values are:
  • Y = Yes. The field is required to be set up for receiving
  • N = No. The field is not required to be set up for receiving. This is the default value.
  • W = Warning. The field is not required but a warning shall be given if not set up.
See sample screen below:

During PO warehouse receiving, if the required item note fields (UDF) are not set up, then a window will popup like the following:

If this is warning only, you still can proceed to receive.  If there is an error(s), then you will not be able to receive this item.  If there's no error or warning, then this window will not show up.

The reason for this enhancement is that certain required information may not be available to set up in the item master until the item is received. Now, we are receiving the item and the user needs to set up the required information in item master in order to proceed with the receiving process. Note that this feature is in warehouse receiving only and is not applicable to legacy PO receiving. It is also not applicable to PO warehouse receiving CSV import.



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