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P2LVEFCT Error 114 in Print Option Windows & Printer Error E: Handle = 00000000

Release Date: 10/14/2022
Version: 8.x & Up

This article is to document an issue we observed one time with printing.  But it can't be replicated. In this article, we speculate the cause of it and possible solution in the future if anyone should experience it.

It has been observed one time, when we go print a report on a Terminal Server, Elliott V8.6 gave the following message:
    Execution error: file 'EL860B.LBR\P2LVEFCT.gnt'
    error code: 114, pc=0, call=12, seg=0
    (Signal 11)
See sample screen below:

Error 114 means an attempt to access an item beyond the bounds of memory. After you click on "OK," the Elliott printing session shuts down automatically.  This is before the list of printers shows up in the Print Option window. So we think this has something to do with the printer.  In particular, it has something to do with the printer dev mod information which we save in the Elliott database.

If we try to print the same report again a second time, we get the following message before the Print Option window shows up:
    Printer Error: E: Handle = 00000000
See sample screen below:

After clicking on "OK," the Print Option Window shows up as follows:

The fourth printer is selected.  Without printing, we exit out and come back to print the same report again. This time the second printer option is selected and there's no error message. See sample screen below:

If we try to print to the fourth printer again, it appears the printing goes through its process, but nothing prints out on this printer.  Instead, we receive a message on the local desktop that the remote desktop can't be redirected to this printer. So we cancel the print job in the local printer queue and try to print a local document in Notepad to this local network printer. This printing does not work either.  Hence, we conclude there's something wrong with this printer. So we decide to shut down this printer and restart it. From there, the printing from the local desktop works. Then we try to print from the remote desktop in Elliott and it also works.

Our conclusion or speculation is that the connection between the local desktop and the local network printer can affect how Elliott's Print Option window functions in the Remote Desktop environment.  Resolving the printer problem (in this case, we rebooted the printer) to make the printer work can help to resolve Elliott errors in the Print Option window.


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