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Upgrading to New Telerik Components

Release Date: 10/24/2022
Versions: Elliott 8.6 and Higher

How to Upgrade Visual Studio Projects that Use Telerik Components

Run Progress Control Panel on a Machine that has a Telerik License 

  • Download the latest WinForms and Reporting components.
  • Target Visual Studio 2019.

Update Dependencies Directories

  • G:\NSI.SRC\NW86\Dependencies is used for non-Report Desk programs.  G:\NSI.SRC\NW86\RD\Dependencie is used for Report Desk programs.
  • In each, delete any old backup directory.
  • In each, create a new directory like Backup-20221024 and copy all the current components there.
  • In each, copy the same-named files from "C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik UI for WinForms R3 2020\Bin40" and "C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik Reporting R3 2020\Bin."
Note: We are not updating Elliott V8.5 Telerik components anymore. They are in G:\nsi.src\nw85\Dependencies.

Upgrade EL860RD Solution

  • Run the VS menu item Extensions / Telerik UI for Winforms / Upgrade Wizard.
  • Run the VS menu item Extensions / Telerik Reporting / Upgrade Wizard.
These wizards will change the file licenses.licx, possibly adding new references, and will change each reference for Telerik components to C:\windows *x86) …  This is an unfortunate consequence of the upgrade wizard, but skipping this step leaves licenses.licx referring to the old components.
  • Update each Telerik reference in all the projects to …\Dependencies.  This means you have to delete each reference and add it back from the appropriate Dependencies directory.
  • It may be possible to skip the upgrade wizard and just delete licenses.licx and then try to use the appropriate toolbox to update licenses.licx, but that approach has not been proven yet.
  • Select Debug and rebuild the solution.
  • Select Release and rebuild the solution.
This should create new .EXEs and .DLLs on the F: and G: drives under ...\NW86.

Upgrade the Rest of the Solutions that Use Telerik Components

There are several more solutions that use Telerik components.  This list may be expanded in the future.  Apply the above upgrade process to these solutions:
  • EL860CF
  • EL860ES – this is in C:\Users\CLS\Source\repos
  • EL860RDI
  • EL860RM
  • EL860RPI
Be sure to upgrade every project that uses Telerik components in these solutions.

Push the Upgraded Code

  • Use PUSHDLL repeatedly on the G: drive to push all the new .EXEs and .DLLs.
  • Use PUSHTEL once to push the new Telerik components.
  • Test the code on the M: drive to make sure it works.
  • Update S:\Sharedoc\Elliott8.6\ComponentCalendar.xlsx .
  • Send an announcement email to Edward, Carol, and Jim.
Note Be sure the announcement email includes a reminder that any custom .DLL and .PDB files must also be installed.

Custom Installations

At this time, there are one or two customers that have a custom A/R statement using Report Desk.  When those customers gets upgraded to the new components, their new ELRW_ARSTMENT_... .DLL and .PDB files must be installed also.  If not, an error similar to the following will occur:

This happens because the Telerik components used to build the older DLL have been replaced by newer ones.  The fix for this error is to install the ELRW_... .DLLs and .PDBs.

* Notes from EMK
Starting 12/1/2022, the Elliott86.exe installation package will include the custom Report Desk DLL and  the trdp form file. The trdp form files is in <ElliottRoot>\Bin86\RW\Reports folder.  The DLL files are in <ElliottRoot>\Bin86 folder. See examples below:
Example of  <ElliottRoot>\Bin86\RW\Reports folder

Example of  <ElliottRoot>\Bin86 folder

Therefore, as long as user's Bin86 folder is updated through the standard Elliott 8.6 installation, this custom DLL out of sync issue should not be a problem anymore.  

Keep in mind custom Report Desk image files are stored in <ElliottRoot>\Bin86\RW\Images folder. The company logos are stored here. Due to privacy concern, We do not distribute custom image files in Elliott86.exe. Logo files should be copied manually during the custom developing process. They tend to stay unchanged so there's no need to update them with the installation.


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