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How Elliott 8.6 Works with Different Versions of the PSQL ADO.NET Client

Release Date: 11/4/2022
Version: 8.6 & Up

Elliott V8.6 starts to use PSQL relational operations.  Both Report Desk & PowerSearch features rely on the PSQL relational engine. To use these features, you should refer to the following KB article to set up the proper databases:  

Elliott 8.6 will work with both PSQL 15 and 13 database servers. You should have the workstations installed with the corresponding PSQL 15 or 13 clients.  Our Report Desk & PowerSearch will work with the PSQL ADO.NET clients that come with PSQL 15 or 13. The physical file name of this client is:
The versions of this client that come with PSQL 15 are 4.5 and 4.4. The versions of this client that come with PSQL 13 are 4.3 and 4.2. In Elliott 8.6 relational operations, the system will attempt to load the 4.5 client from GAC first.  If 4.5 does not exist, it will try to load 4.4, then 4.3, and lastly 4.2 ADO.NET client. If none of them exist, then the operation will fail.

Keep in mind that the 4.2 ADO.NET client (which comes with PSQL 12 and 13) has the limitation of a  maximum field size of 64K.  The standard Elliott Report Desk definition does not have any report that uses a  field size that exceeds 64K.  But if you should customize a Report Desk report, in some rare situations it is possible you may exceed the maximum 64K size.  The early version of ADO.NET 4.3 client (which comes with PSQL 13) also has this limitation.  It is patched later with v4.3.0.9811 (on 5/6/2019) to remove this 64K field size restriction.  Therefore, if you are on the PSQL 13 client, you may want to install the latest release which has this patch.

Please do not copy Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.dll to the BIN86 folder since that will have no benefit and in many cases it may crash Report Desk. To be more specific: 
  • If the GAC has a newer or the same version of PSQL ADO.NET client as the BIN86 folder has, then it is OK with the Report Writer component to continue functioning. 
  • If the GAC has an older version of PSQL ADO.NET client than the BIN86 folder, then it will fail. 
For this reason, you should not copy Pervasive.Data.SqlClient.dll to the Elliott BIN86 folder.


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