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Feature - Password to Export BOMP Production Scheduled Report to CSV

Release date: 11/10/2022

Version: 8.5 & Up

For BOMP / Reports / Production Schedule Report / Print, if "9. Work Order Type" = "P" and field "19. Export to CSV" = "Y," there is now an option to require that a password be entered before the Export Path and Filename can be entered.

Begin by entering a password in Global Setup / Dist / BOMP Global Control, screen 7, field 4.

After the password has been entered, go to BOMP / Reports / Production Schedule Report / Print. Enter "P" for "9. Work Order Type" = "P" and "Y" for field "19. Export to CSV."  A password window will appear:

If the correct password is entered in the Password window, the  Export Path and File Name window will appear.  If an incorrect password in entered, control will return to field 19.

Modified Programs:


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