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Cannot Create DDFs Due to Metadata Version Mismatch

Release Date: 11/28/2022
Version: 8.5 or Higher

Q - We recently upgraded to Actian PSQL 15.  I wanted to create a new ODBC database. So I go to PSQL Control Center, right click on the "Database" node and choose "New" to create the database, but it is not working.  I also tried putting in the latest DDFs in the Elliott data folder and still get the following error.
    7049: Cannot create DDFs due to metadata version mismatch with existing DDFs in the location provided
See sample screen below:

A - There are several mistakes with your method.
  1. The checkboxes in the above example should be unchecked when you create the database.
  2. The DDF files should not be copied to the DATA folder. By Elliott convention, the DDF files and data files are in separate folders.
  3. The database name does not follow the Elliott naming convention, which can create difficulty with Elliott 8.6.
If you wish to use PSQL Control Center to create databases, you should reference the following KB article for details:

The easiest method is to use EL850DB.EXE or EL860DB.EXE to create the database and conform to the Elliott naming convention. Please refer to the following KB articles for more detail:


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