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Feature - Add HTML Version of Quote Acknowledgement

Release Date: 11/30/2022
Version: 8.6 & Up

A new HTML version of the Quote Acknowledgement email has been created in Elliott 8.6.  Setup for this feature is found in: Global Setup --> cop-Func --> print order/quote/rmA.  This feature is related to HTML Order Acknowledgement. See this following KB article:

To use the HTML version of the quote, enter any valid value in field 10 as follows:

After tabbing off field 10, a window will pop up:

Enter "H" to get the new HTML version.  Enter "T" to get a current text version of the email.  Keep in mind the HTML version of the email is only supported in Elliott 8.6 and up.  In prior versions, only the text email format is supported.

The following is a sample HTML version of the Quote Acknowledgement:

The company name and address on the top left corner is based on company setup information.  This HTML format is hard-coded. At this moment, you can't customize it.

eContact Flag and Order Quote
Keep in mind that in Elliott 8.6, the order quote email is determined based on eContact flags.  This includes:
  • Quote eContact: By default, all quote eContacts are qualified to send quote acknowledgement emails.
  • Customer eContact: By default, the system will not send quote acknowledgement emails to customer eContacts unless you specifically designate them.
  • Ship-To eContact: Same principle as customer eContact.
  • Salesman eContact: Same principle as customer eContact.
The following sample screen shows a customer's eContact that is designated to receive quote acknowledgement emails.  It means he/she will always receive a quote acknowledgement email for any quote  made by this customer.  You can access this flag from Customer Maintenance (enter customer number), eContacts button, select name, view/edit button, Web tab, Email Docs... button:

Select Yes for Order Quote, then OK.  Then select Save.

Print Customer Item on Quote Acknowledgement
The following flags in Global Setup --> Cop-Ctl --> Customer Item Xrf, will determine if the customer's item will be printed on the quote acknowledgement:

If field 1 is set to "M" (controls printing of the customer item description) and field 4 is set to "Y" (controls printing of the customer item (YOUR ITEM), see sample screen below: 

Quote acknowledgement email also supports the printing of order header and line item notes if the corresponding note types are set up to do so.

Send Quote Acknowledgement Email Interactively
In Global Setup -> Cop-Func -> Print Order/Quote/RMA, if the flag "10. Send Immediate Quote (Order Entry)?, if this flag is not set to "N," then after finishing entering the order quote, the system will prompt whether to Email or Print the quote with this message at the bottom left corner:
Immediate Quote (E=Mail, P=Print, B=Both, N=No)
If you answer "E" or "B," then the quote email will be sent. 

You may interact with the email client or send the email directly with no more interaction.  This depends on the following flag:
11. Send Immediate Email Interactively?
If this flag is set to "N," then the email will be sent and a confirmation message will indicate so.  

If the value is "Y" and the quote is to be sent in HTML format, we will bring up the Elliott SMTP email client.  See sample screen below.  

In the above example, you can change From, To, CC, BCC, Subject, and attachment in the Elliott SMTP Email Client.  This feature could be helpful if your customer service reps need to reconfirm a customer's email address.  You can also change the subject of the email to be more specific to the quote.  If you wish, you can also change the body of the email, as long as you know how to edit HTML.

On the other hand, if you choose the quote to be sent in text format, then we can use either the Elliott SMTP email client or Outlook. This depends on the email setup in Setup -> Misc. tab -> Email Settings -> Check box for "For interactive email..." See sample screen below:

The main takeaway is that Elliott uses Simple MAPI to interact with Outlook. Simple MAPI does not support HTML email format. Therefore, if you choose to send emails in HTML format, we must interact with the Elliott SMTP email client.

Modified programs: CP01P3E, CPIMDQUO, CPQUOHTM (new)


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