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How Do You Create A New Company In Elliott 8?

Release Date: 12/30/22
Version: 8.0 and Above

How do you create a new company in Elliott 8?

Highlight the "Elliott Business Software" node under the Groups and Filters pane on the left.  Right-click and a menu will appear with an option to Add New Company.

A window will appear to prompt you for the new company number.

Once the number is entered, a window will appear to confirm the directory was created.

Another confirmation window will confirm the company file was created and will instruct you to restart Control Center to use the new company.

The new company should now appear with the name "No Company Name."

Go to Company Setup and enter the name and address of the company.  It will also ask for the GL Account Format and the number of decimals to use for quantities and accumulators.

The second screen will prompt for the packages used and the drive letter where the data resides.

Restart Elliott and the new company name should appear and the packages configured.


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