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Report Desk: Missing Column Title

Release Date: 1/8/2023
Elliott Versions: 8.6 and Later

How to Fix a Missing Column Title

Occasionally, during custom report development, you may see something like the following when you first run the report:

In this case, the column title information is clearly missing.  This occurs when the column title information for that column could not possibly fit within the missing area.  Most of the time, this happens in multi-line reports where the title information for one or more of the body lines is too wide for the space allowed.

To fix this problem, bring up the report designer and look at the column width and title text for that column:

Here, the column is only one position wide but has a four-character title.  Looking at line 2, the one-position column needs a five-character title:

To correct this situation, go to Line 1 of the Body area and make the Length of that column wider, say 4 positions wide:

Now the column title will print, but it may still look odd:

You will need to shorten the text to the column title on line 2 or make the column a little wider.  Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the report.

Jim Graves

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