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Feature: Use Wildcards and Multiple Paths in Email Attachments

Release Date: 1/30/2023
Version: Elliott V8.5 and Higher


Attaching a file to a legacy report email has been available to Elliott users for a long time.  Having the ability to attach multiple files using wildcards as well as entering multiple file paths was suggested by a user in the Elliott Support portal.  This enhancement provides those capabilities.

Using Wildcards for Email Attachments

When you launch a legacy report and select email output, you now can use the typical filename wildcards to select matching files:
  • *, matches with anything (or nothing) from that point on, until the next character in the filename.
  • ?, matches any single character (or no character) at that point in the filename.
In the following example, all .CSV files in the user's Documents folder will be attached to the email:

Using Multiple Paths for Email Attachments

Similarly, it is now possible to specify multiple files and/or paths for attachments, separated by a semi-colon (;).  Continuing the example above, we can add another path for locating attachments:

When we run the report, the results might look like this:


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